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At Abbott Loop Christian School located in Anchorage, AK, a wide variety of student groups depend on the fundraising efforts of fellow students and parents to remain active. With school budget cuts occurring in cities around the United States, many extracurricular programs like sports teams, drama clubs, choir groups, and science clubs have had to cancel programs. These programs and activities are extremely important in shaping tomorrow’s leaders, and that is where Boosters of America can help. With so many groups that need funding, Boosters of America makes it easy to create and manage fundraising efforts. Parents, students, and local businesses can all easily contribute to their favorite programs, helping students thrive in the academic environments that are so important to them.

Abbott Loop Christian School in Anchorage, AK the students call it home, and it has many active groups across the sciences, arts, and athletics. Through parent and local business support, many extracurricular programs have been able to flourish. However, budget cuts have forced several school activities to be cancelled, especially in athletics including baseball, basketball, and football programs. Boosters of America helps these student groups continue to enjoy important activities by making it easy, fun, and secure to create and donate to fundraisers.

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