Fundraising For High School Sports in America

Sports form an important part of the educational experience for high school students in the United States.  Athletics on the school level help teach discipline, hard work, and the competitive spirit.  Students participating in school sports also learn about healthy life choices as part of their training programs, no matter which sport they are active in.

With ever-shrinking school budgets, many high school sports programs struggle to receive funding.  Many students who want to play on high school sports teams cannot afford to pay out of pocket for equipment, travel, and other expenditures.  Sports teams across the country have turned to fundraising to help keep sporting activities alive and functioning.  Schools rely on high school boosters and their donations for support. By fundraising, all players can participate, even the ones who can?t afford to pay.

Boosters of America

Crowdfunding sports programs can be complex and hard to deal with, however. That?s where Boosters of America can help.  Our site is designed to make it as easy and as fun as possible to create a fundraiser supporting your favorite high school team or sport. We know that many parents and sports boosters volunteering to help high school teams do not have financial experience such as bookkeeping or collections.  Boosters of America makes that process easy as well.  Simply create an account by signing in with Google ? it takes seconds ? and create your own fundraiser to support high school sports.  All fundraisers created through Boosters of America are 501(c) 3 registered, and people who donate receive a receipt for their taxes.

Boosters of America lets you:

Quickly create an account using nothing more than your Google login

Create as many fundraising campaigns as you want for your favorite high school sports or teams

Keep track of donations, no matter how many fundraisers you create

Print receipts for tax purposes with powerful exporting tools

With our system, you have the freedom to be as creative as you want in your high school sports fundraising campaigns. We provide the tools that make fundraising easy.  Our system saves time, frustration, and hassle ? you can concentrate on supporting your favorite team!

The possibilities are endless with fundraisers created through Boosters of America ? create as many fundraisers as you want for your favorite high school athletics programs or teams.  You can even create a scholarship fundraiser to give to student athletes each year. And, of course, you can easily share your fundraisers with family and friends to gather even more support for your favorite teams. Boosters of America is the fast, fun, and organized way you can show your support for high school athletics.  Join today and get started on your first high school sports team fundraising campaign in minutes!

About Boosters of America

Boosters of America was created by Darren Dunner as a means to help families and friends to support high school athletics with ease. Darren is a sports booster member and volunteer himself with over eight years of experience helping to support a high school sports team. He knows first-hand how difficult it can be to develop and manage fundraising campaigns for sports teams.   Boosters of America was launched to make being a sports booster volunteer more exciting and easier than ever.  With our tools, your fundraising campaigns give you the potential to grow a stronger, more financially stable sports team or program for your favorite schools.

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