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Help make change through the beautiful game!

Our Mission To improve the quality of life of children through the game.

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Support your local High School Athlete and the Booster volunteer parents with our fundraising site. We have made donating as simple as possible here. If you are a Booster member looking to start a campaign for your Students Team we have made that simple as well.

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Start your free fundraiser by filling out our online application.

Validate your non Profit

Find the high school you are a booster member of. Find the group you over see and claim it.

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Add your goal, description and you can even add photos and videos and launch is less than 5 minutes.

Raise Money World Wide

Start having you and your group share on facebook, email and any social platform you have and raise money for your group.

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Benefits of Your Donations

Find a cause you believe in and make good things happen.
Tax Write Offs

Your donations are a Tax Write Off because all High School Teams are run by a non profit organization 501 3 c and all the Booster members volunteer their time and energy to make their teams successful. You can help by donating to the many fundraisers here.

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Supports High Schools

Every donation helps the High School Athletes to have an opportunity to play and maybe one day get a scholar ship or even go pro. Many schools in the US suffer because the funding is simply not there and it relies on the donations of the families. Now Friends and Alumni's can help.

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Helps Students

There are many students that want to play and learn what it is like to be on a team an compete. The more funds a team has the more they can bring in students. Your donations make a huge difference.

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